During these uncertain times SHE Scotland have been developing a specialised groupwork programme to support girls and young women transition into the new 'normal'.  The new MIND, BODY & SOUL high school programme for young women aged 12-18yrs has been designed to motivate, educate and support.  In these unprecedented times we have lived through, we all feel anxious about returning to our safe spaces.  MIND, BODY & SOUL provides much needed space, support and activities to promote positive wellbeing.

SHE Circle Time is our updated primary groupwork programme.  Circle Time supports existing in-school programmes by developing girls aged 10-12yrs confidence, self-esteem, and  peer relationships. The programme includes strategies for overcoming and preventing mental health problems, developing coping mechanisms, encouraging positive choices and positively influencing others mental health.


Both programmes will be shared with SHE Educational Partners but for more information please contact: 

Educational Partners

Virtual opportunity to chat  partnerships, resources and outcomes

Friday 25th September 1.30-2.30pm Zoom

Community Ambassador

New training waiting to be confirmed in Pilton Community Health Project  September 2020

SQA Mentoring Award

SHE in partnership with Edinburgh College are delivering a SQA Mentoring Award beginning in late September 2020. Get in touch for more information

SHE Tanzania

The biggest adventure of our life in Tanzania. We are very pleased with the training, delivery and of course al the beautiful women we met. We are already making plans to return!

Empowering Girls & Young Women
Treasured memories of SHE programmes
How to get involved with SHE Scotland?

SHE Scotland school groupwork programmes are design to improve the wellbeing of girls and young women by creating a supportive environment for them to feel safe to open up to others. 


SHE Scotland believe girls and your women need to have a space to discuss, raise questions and get support. Our workshops are fun, informative and designed to engage participants in discussions around various issues. Participants will be supported to develop their skills, interests, to challenge themselves, have fun, make friends and reach their full potential as individuals.

Girl Zones

Being part of the community is key in the development of responsible girls or young women. Social interaction with new people of different ages. Community girl zones lead to a greater emphasis on the understanding of their emotions and behaviour and the impact that these have on others.


Our goal in the Community Girl Zones is to improve social skills, have a better understanding of their surroundings and themselves so they can accept responsibility for their actions, reinforcing self-esteem and connect to their responsibilities at home, at school & their community.


SHE Scotland is recruiting new SHE Ambassadors. 


Would you like to have your voice heard and be part of a movement to help girls & young women reach their full potential and ensure equality for all? 

Do you have 3hrs per week? 

Do you want to be more confident, learn new skills and support others? 


Train as an Ambassador for girls and young women.

Ambassadors support the SHE community & school-based zones. 


Open to young women aged 15+

- Training -

Community Ambassador Training

Women aged 15+

SHE Community Ambassadors training is delivered at Pilton Community Health Project. Participants learn SHE activities, facilitation techniques and grow their confidence.


SHE has trained over 35 women to support the delivery in all elements of the SHE delivery. 

The 10-week program enables the ambassadors to learn new skills but also become supported, increase self-esteem and knowledge of issues that affect females. 


Our next training begins in late September 2020


Empower women

Women aged 15+

SHE Scotland are training women aged 15+ to support GIRL ZONES in Edinburgh & Lothian.


Specially designed workshops to develop confidence, body positivity, increase self-esteem and enhance existing skills. Empowered Women training is offered to organisation who are working directly with women. Workshops can enhance services as well developing new opportunities for women to learn more about the issues which affect them.


New training to be confirmed.

Starts with an Embrace Screening

Workshops will be broken into segments that include large group activities/discussions, separate group activities for mums and daughters, and one-on-one activities for each mum/daughter pair.

  • Learn to love yourself

  • Improve communication

  • Reduce conflict

  • Gain a deeper understanding of goals and dreams

  • Have more fun together

  • Build the foundation for a lifelong friendship

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