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Help us provide opportunities to girls and young women.
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SHANNARI well being girls

We are working in partnership with #freeperiodangus, developing awareness of menstrual cycles, the range of products available and creating a new understanding of the impact on our physical and mental health.



We are also working in partnership with Circle Scotland and Coop Edinburgh to develop our Space to Grow. Children, young people and SHE Ambassadors have worked hard to plant, build and sow seeds, and bulbs and decorate our SHElottment.

A fantastic learning opportunity, that also supports with physical and mental health.

Space to talk girls Edinburgh
Educational Partners

Opportunity to chat  partnerships, resources and outcome.

Community Ambassador

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Community Ambassador.

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SHE in partnership with Edinburgh College deliver two SQA Mentoring Award courses per year.

SHE Tanzania

We can deliver our training and workshops around the world, as we did in Tanzania.

Empowering Girls & Young Women
At SHE Scotland we follow the Scottish Government guidelines to ensure that we can work towards the same goals as our schools. The girfec model is a tool we use consistently in our training and delivery.
Find out more about the services we provide...
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Mind, Body & Soul

Young Women in Secondary Education (S1-S4)

SHE Mind, Body & Soul 12-week group work programme is delivered in partnership with SHE high school partners.  The programme is aimed at tackling the rise of poor mental health amongst young women and providing the tools, guidance and support to enable them to make positive change.

The small (10-12) groupwork programme develops participant's self-knowledge, goal setting and focusing on their own emotions, connection to their body and wellbeing.

Circle Time-Schools.png

Primary School Programme - Girls age 8-12 years

SHE Circle Time programme is specially designed for girls in aged 8-12 years.

Workshop activities are designed to enable girls to become more aware of their own emotions, increase positive interactions with others and practice techniques which help them focus.

Circle Time provides additional support to girls and will have significant impact on their learning and their lives.  

SHE aims to provide a blended learning approach.


Know Your Flow

Females 8-16yrs old

Know Your Flow is a group work programme designed to help and manage common everyday stress, low confidence, negative self-esteem and disconnection with others in relation to a females menstrual cycle.


This 4-session programme helps learn more about products available and reflect on quality, variety and understanding the impact of our menstrual cycle on every area of our life. Participants will learn tools, methods, and share experiences to improve their health and well-being. For more information please contact:


Edinburgh & Lothian :


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