I'm Karen Anderson, the founder and director of SHE Scotland. I set up the SHE Scotland organisation after training as a life coach and having previous experience as an activist in my community and working for community education organisations. I had a vision to create a better world for the females around us and so I took a leap of faith and followed my passion to start SHE Scotland in 2017 and support young girls and women, not just in Edinburgh and Scotland but around the world.

The SHE Scotland journey (so far)...

The name "SHE" has a bit of a double meaning. "SHE", not just because we support women, but also because the letters stand for Social, Health and Education - the areas we are focused in.

Initially we created training programmes that women could deliver to other women. These programmes were designed to develop self-esteem, confidence, peer relationships and support in classrooms. In talking to young women we found that the classroom was where a lot of the issues came from so we wanted to focus on building a relationship with schools and supporting the issues and inequalities that young women were facing in the classroom.  

We bring women together to support each other and believe that "if you can't see it, you can't be it". Having female role models is of huge significance to show other women what can be achievable. The services we offer include Circle Time, Mind Body and Soul and SHE Voices. We also recently hosted a popular event, "Embrace It Aw" to showcase the work we have been doing and we had guest speakers from inspirational female speakers which was really well received. You can find out more about out services and events here.

Our ambassador programme and partnership with Edinburgh College enables us to train up young women as ambassadors who can then lead session on their own. Currently we have a fantastic team of "SHEROES" including our ambassadors and board of trustees. 

As a Community Interest company we believe in collaboration, which is why we work with a host of other organisations so that we can further our impact. From Active Schools to Yes Tanzania, you can find out more about our partners here.


You can listen to Karen's interview with CLD TALKS on Spotify!