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Summer Club 2021 

She Voices: In our SHE Voices project we discussed how social media plays a role in creating unattainable body standards. We took part in a clay modelling session, making sculptures of our own bodies or symbols to represent them. 

We then wrote a message of gratitude to our bodies in our ‘Thank My Body’ activity, followed by making a ‘Promise to my Body’. 

Our SHE Voices group also took part in a Storyboarding session for our short film. We pulled together the interview footage and creative writing and poetry  to create a vision for what we would like our film to look like. At our weekend residential trip to Ratho Retreat we got stuck into filming our cutaway scenes.

She Stronger - Mind, Body & Soul: We provided free sessions for females in S2 and up. The sessions were designed to enable and support females to participate in a range of physical indoor and outdoor activities in order to improve their self-esteem, confidence, mental health and wellbeing.


BIG Thanks to everyone who took part in our Summer 2021 sessions -

especially our SHE Ambassadors and our incredible partners.

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Watch the Trailer

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