SHE Scotland hosted The EMBRACE documentary at North Edinburgh Arts on Wednesday 6th December. Embrace follows Body Image Activist Taryn Brumfitts crusade. An amazing audience of 88 girls and women participated in the screening. Organisations from all over Edinburgh brought along young women to view the film. The audience provided feedback on what girls and young women need to succeed, thanking our bodies and feedback on the film. Very positive feedback on the night and also great comments from participants. SHE Scotland will be hosting the EMBRACE film on 2 other occasions and will host other films for girls and young women to come together.

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Body dissatisfaction is a global epidemic that’s sadly impacting the lives of students across the UK. Nine out of 10 British teenage girls are unhappy with their bodies and one third of males would sacrifice a year of their life to achieve the ideal body.

Developed in consultation with education specialists, health professionals and psychologists, The Union Project will allow the Embrace Education Study Guide to be created in accordance with national UK curriculum standards and be made accessible as a FREE classroom resource.

Comprised of engaging lesson plans and student worksheets, the guide supports teachers to foster positive body image in the classroom and promote the skills required to build resilience, confidence and self-esteem.

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