International Women's Day

Empowered Women, Empower Women 

SHE Scotland


SHE Scotland is concerned about the level of aspiration within girls and young women.  When girls are wee they want to be nurses, teachers, pilots, doctors, actresses, dancers but when they reach their teens these aspirations disappear. The spotlight moves to qualifications, graded achievements and an exam conveyor belt. This is compounded by low self worth which many young women experience around this developmental stage and lack of positive role models around them.  

It is SHE Scotland’s aim to increase those aspirations, support young women’s dreams and provide opportunities for them to engage in many different activities. The SHE programme develops positive self-worth, self -esteem and confidence through socialisation, friendships and role modelling. SHE aims to remove the shackles of limitation and set free their dreams and aspirations.

With this exhibition of Empowering Women we hope to empower the next generation to aspire to be what every they want to be and to have the support to achieve many different things in their lives.


- SHE Scotland CIC

Exhibition-runs from

Tuesday 1st May - Monday 28th May

North Edinburgh Arts - Edinburgh

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Empower women Amy
Empower women
Empower women
Empower women Caroline
Empower women Fiona
Empower women Brianna
Empower women Marie
Empower women Laura
Empower women
Empower women
Empower women
Empower women

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