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1. SHE Girl Zones


Girl Zones workshops are designed in collaboration with over 100 girls and young women in Edinburgh. We have discovered during this process that many of the concerns of those girls and young women are the same, whatever the setting or culture. The issue of low self-worth, negative self-esteem, in girls is remarkably consistent.


Girl Zones workshops are delivered in school or community settings. Workshops are fun, informative and designed to engage participants in discussions around various issues. Participants will be supported to develop their skills, interests, to challenge themselves, have fun and to make friends. Workshops are split into categories which the school, organisation or group can choose for the girls and young women.




Each workshop includes icebreakers and reflection exercises. They are designed for each individual group and SHE workers will use a ‘pick and mix’ approach to the design of each zone. Workshops are delivered by SHE Staff and Ambassadors. Activities are participatory and are designed to ‘fix’ the learning. They are designed to take into account literacy levels and the workshops are adaptable and flexible.


SHE Scotland’s girl zone workshops aim to provide opportunities to discuss and unpick the following:


• Positive and negative relationships • Issue of body image, eating and nutrition • Feelings of negative self-worth • Resilience and empathy • Addressing low aspirations


Girl zones workshops are delivered in 8-10 sessions. Participants undertake a baseline confidence wheel which measures their level of confidence in 4 areas:


• Speaking up in class • Making new friends • Trying new activities • Saying how they feel


These areas are revisited at the end of the term. Girls and young women who have undertaken workshops have had a marked improvement in the confidence of all 4 areas.


2. SHE Ambassador Training S3+


SHE Scotland provides ambassador training for young women aged 14-18yrs. Ambassadors mentor younger girls, provide support, inspiration and develop positive relationships. SHE ambassadors will provide a resource, helping hand, sounding board and information. Ambassadors will be trained to develop and deliver a range of activities to increase the confidence, self-esteem and awareness of a wide range of issue base workshops.


SHE Scotland ambassador training is designed to increase awareness of issues which affect girls and young women, support ambassadors learning, develop facilitation confidence and increase ambassadors self-esteem. Training resources have been designed to enable ambassadors to participate in activities, learn techniques, develop group-work tools and support the development of the SHE Scotland ambassador toolkit.

Ambassador training will be delivered in 2 hour sessions over 12 weeks and contains an introduction to each section of the SHE Scotland toolkit, individual goal setting and evaluation techniques. The training is divided into 4 sections:

• Getting started • Exploring issue based workshops • Boundaries & Confidentiality • Reflection & Learning


Ambassadors will be encouraged to support other elements of the SHE programme as well as supporting a SHE girl zone in schools. Ambassadors will also receive coaching to support other areas of their life.

'The activities were really fun and I enjoyed being creative.


- Juliet, 11 yrs

'We learned about High School and asked lots of questions'


- Sherinie, 11 yrs

'I felt better about going to highschool'


- Amie, 12 yrs

'I liked speaking in my 'Karen' voice. Others listened to me.


- Ellie, 11 yrs

'I made new friends'


- Sophie, 11 yrs

'Lots of discussion and emotions after sessions'


-Mrs Hughes -class teacher

“Very comprehensive and helpful evaluation”


- Lynn Goss Depute headteacher

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Some of our Groups

St Marys Primary Leith girl zone participants developing their communication and team building skills in SHE over the river activity.

James Gillespies S4 pupils receiving their certificate of appreciation after completing their initial 10 week programme of Youth Ambassador Training.

Flora Stevenson Primary Girl Zone P6 team receiving their certificates after successfully completing their girl zone workshops.

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