SHE Board of Trustees

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Founder & Project Director

Karen Anderson

Karen is the face of SHE Scotland. She is an active chair member and day to day operational in the plans, events and workshops for SHE Scotland.



Board Member

Sharon Gilchrist

Sharon is a former midwife and works for NHS as a Feeding Advisor.  Mother of 2 girls and one of the original Board Members of SHE.  Sharon has also a long history of championing women’s rights.

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Board Member

Katie Nicol

Board member of SHE Scotland.


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Board Member

Carol-Ann Baxter

Board member of SHE Scotland.


Board Member

Rachel Grandison

Board member of SHE Scotland.


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Board Member

Lucy Wellman

Board member of SHE Scotland.







Laura Watson


Laura is the chair here at SHE Scotland. 


Katy Nixon

Board Member

Board member of SHE Scotland.

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Board Member

Kate Smith

Board member of SHE Scotland.



Board Member

Kerry Reilly

Board member of SHE Scotland.


Co-opted member - Edinburgh College

Lynn McCraw

SHE Team/Ambassadors


Ambassador Development Worker

Lauren Auld

"I get a real sense of privilege from being an ambassador. The young women that we work with are essentially letting us into their lives, trusting us with their thoughts and feelings which isn't always easy but I'm always so grateful that our young women trust us and we don't take that responsibility lightly.


The positive impact that the programmes have on girls and young women varies so greatly from one person to the next. We more than often see confidence increases, a sense of pride, community spirit, a boost of their self esteem and most of all feeling listened to without feeling embarrassed or judged.The benefits are very easy to recognise."  



Mind, Body & Soul Programme Organiser

Zoe Black

"I love being able to work in my community and make a difference to the people who matter most to me. I'm able to share ideas and I am supported in creating, implementing and delivering them to improve the lives of girls and young women."

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Ellie McVay

SHE Trainee

Ellie is a trainee here at SHE Scotland.



Amanda Redpath

Circle Time girls worker

"I’m always in a good mood when I’ve completed SHE seasons the work gives me a buzz and my mental health is greatly improved after years of suffering from dark moods this has gave me a new lease of life. I’m proud of the work I do and I’m proud of me and how much I have achieved over the last 3 years. Being an Ambassador has gave me focus and for the first time for many years I feel that I can do whatever I want. I’m happy once again and I understand the issues that some woman face in there daily struggle with life."


Stacey Alexander

Circle Time Organiser

Stacey is the circle time programme organiser here at SHE Scotland.


Katie Middleton

MBS Ambassador

Katie is an MBS ambassador at SHE Scotland.

SHE Students


Maria Fernandez

Edinburgh University Student

Maria is on placement here at SHE Scotland. 


Suzie Wilson

Dundee University Student

Suzie is on placement here at SHE Scotland.