SHE Ambassadors

SHE Scotland is recruiting new SHE Ambassadors!!


SHE Scotland is looking for women who are eager to be advocates for our work and to dedicate their time, enthusiasm and experience to join us as SHE Ambassadors. 


Ambassadors will have different roles within SHE. Some Ambassadors will contribute to the direction of the organisation, be involved directly in training to deliver workshops in schools and community zones but ALL will encourage & inspire girls and young women to connect to their potential. 


Ambassadors will gain practical skills, increase their social confidence, develop interpersonal and communication skills. Ambassadors will be encouraged to develop goals, establish a sense of direction and gain valuable insight into the issues which affect females.  You will be part of a unique team of females who will be supportive, encouraging and develop positive peer relationships.  


Do you have 2hrs per week? Would you like to support a new and exciting Community Interest Company? Would you like to train to deliver SHE workshops?


If you would like to find out more about becoming a SHE Ambassador just get in touch.  New group begins end of September 2020


Zoe Black 

Senior SHE Ambassador

"SHE has shown me that people have the same/ similar issues in life. It gives people the opportunities to share experiences, learn from each other. Guide and support one another, gain knowledge and be able to be there to help others, as they have help you. It’s ok to have doubts but it shows how you can turn these  into positives, woman helping each other what ever your age. It’s important to grow a as person and to share to help others.


I hope that working in more schools and groups will spread the SHE word and more people will experience the positive message. share have fun, experiences, learn.  Keep taken the workshops and growing as a company."


Lindsey Wells

Senior SHE Ambassador

"The ambassador training gave me the opportunity to go to Tanzania in September 2019, for 10 days. This experience changed my life forever, and I have the incredible Karen, the director of SHE to thank for that. YOU ARE AMAZING! 


My Wish for SHE 2020 is to get as many primary and high schools on board. I feel so passionate about the workshops and sessions SHE Scotland does for young girls and woman, that I'd be keen to see how a workshop could be put together for young boys and young men, as I feel the workshops would have a  great benefit to both genders"


Julie McLelland

Senior SHE Ambassador

Being an ambassador has given me an extreme amount of confidence and helped raise my self esteem. SHE Scotland has helped me kick start my career and goals and helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. My wish for SHE is to  keep getting bigger and helping support more young girls and women in 2020. 

SHE Mentoring

In September SHE Scotland's partnership with Edinburgh College continued with the creation of SHE SQA Mentoring Award. 10 women have started their 9 month learning journey. Mentors will be trained in mentoring techniques and mentoring methodology. SHE Mentors will support girls and young women in the future SHE Mentoring project. 

New course begins late September 2020. Contact for more details

New Ambassadors


SHE Ambassador

I have gained confidence from this course improved my mental health and well being av learned to be stronger in myself enjoyed mixing and meeting other ppl after periods of loneliness am also much happier and more positive now looking forward to 2020 let’s smash this ! Xxx


SHE Ambassador

1: what has the ambassador done for you?

Be more confident in myself, which has inspired me to help others

2: what is your wish for SHE 2020?

To continue give women, young women the tools to empower themselves



SHE Ambassador

Q1. Not only to learn my own, but also help others, see their worth and gifts in life and be able to then use these to encourage and empower one another. 


Q2. To expand further across Edinburgh and empower more girls to fulfill their potentials.


SHE Ambassador


Q1 It has brought out my confidence and I have learnt a lot about my feelings .I just took daily life for granted but good too look at it through other people’s eyes

Q2 would be good to go to younger kids and definitely start a group for younger boys before they start to lose how to show there feelings 


SHE Ambassador


Q1 : The ambassador programme has been amazing for me, it has hugely improved my confidence and brought me many great experiences. I’ve helped to deliver workshops in Tanzania and in the Scottish Parliament, through this i’ve felt empowered and met so many inspiring women. 
Q2: My wish for 2020 is that SHE continues to empower women across Scotland and to grow the SHE army worldwide.


SHE Ambassador


What has the SHE, Ambassador programme done for you? So many things.  Made me believe in my self.
Wish for SHE2020
 SHE to grow and help more women xx

Ambassadors NEWS

SHE Ambassadors


Adrianna Marcantonio receiving her Saltire award for over 200 hours of volunteering at the Ambassador residential in April 2019.


Hollie Spiers receiving her Saltire Awards for over 250 hours of volunteering as a SHE Ambassador

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SHE Ambassador Ruby facilitating a SHE Workshop at the Generation Change Young People’s Festival at Scottish Parliament