SHE Ambassadors

SHE Scotland is recruiting new SHE Ambassadors!!


SHE Scotland is looking for women who are eager to be advocates for our work and to dedicate their time, enthusiasm and experience to join us as SHE Ambassadors. 


Ambassadors will have different roles within SHE. Some Ambassadors will contribute to the direction of the organisation, be involved directly in training to deliver workshops in schools and community zones but ALL will encourage & inspire girls and young women to connect to their potential. 


Ambassadors will gain practical skills, increase their social confidence, develop interpersonal and communication skills. Ambassadors will be encouraged to develop goals, establish a sense of direction and gain valuable insight into the issues which affect females.  You will be part of a unique team of females who will be supportive, encouraging and develop positive peer relationships.  


Do you have 3hrs a month? Would you like to support a new and exciting Community Interest Company? Would you like to train to deliver SHE workshops?


If you would like to find out more about becoming a SHE Ambassador just get in touch

SHE Ambassador young woman Paula

"I think SHE will be 2018s go to organisation for all girls and young woman! The work SHE does is supportive and inspiring and helps young woman (and workers) to find ways to help and support each other, find and embrace them self’s and creates a healthier happier environment for young woman to live in."

Senior SHE Ambassador

Paula Arthur

SHE Ambassador young woman Naomi

"SHE has really help me build my confidence when delivering sessions and it help me help other young young who have low self-esteem and confidence to gain their self - esteem and confidence and help them with their goals and dreams."

Senior SHE Ambassador

Naomi Paton

SHE Ambassador young woman Grace

"Working with girls and young women give me and them a purpose, it gives me hope and inspiration that what I’m doing isn’t for nothing, knowing that I’m helping girls in a way I needed when I was younger is something you can’t really explain it’s an amazing feeling."

Senior SHE Ambassador


New Ambassadors
SHE Ambassador 1 girl

"Being a part of the SHE Scotland Ambassadors training was such an amazing experience for me and I spent such a great time with amazing people that I met during the training. This ambassador training has allowed me to gain more confidence in myself and I’m very glad to be a SHE Scotland ambassador now.“

SHE Ambassador

Ilari Tsiko

SHE Ambassador 2 girl

"With the help of SHE I became more confident and am now able to help others improving their own confidence. I think after the training, I know myself better and am happy to pass the skills to other girls now."

SHE Ambassador


SHE Ambassador young woman 1

‘The ambassador training helped me to build my confidence and has inspired me to help build other girls up’

SHE Ambassador


SHE Ambassador young woman

"I have loved the Ambassadors training, It's made me feel valued & useful and allowed me to learn about myself"

SHE Ambassador


SHE Ambassador young woman 2

"I have found many things about myself. With the help of others at SHE Scotland I have come to realise what was already with me."

SHE Ambassador


SHE Ambassador young woman 2

"SHE helped me gain more confidence & develop my communication skills. I feel the training has brought out the best of ME."

SHE Ambassador

Amber Leigh

SHE Ambassadors

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